Drizzle with white chocolate

We at Baked Lawyer take joy in creating and experiencing good food and baked deliciousness. While our day jobs might be racing around in a law firm (Candidate Chef) or running after little children (Admitted Mum), we are here to share how easy it is to also make beautiful things.


Admitted Mum is a mother of one adorable little girl and married to the creator of this fine site. Between juggling life and these two, she finds time to always make the most delicious and comforting home cooked meals. The watchwords with her recipes will always be quick, easy and delicious.



Candidate Chef has way to much free time on her hands for someone who is supposed to completing her articles. She currently uses her non-billable time to bake what she always hopes will be impressive goods. In between, she’s trying to learn the ins and outs of bread and pastry making. You can join this journey through the “Crumby Goods” series of recipes. While quick and easy might not always be the priority, the dishes she makes will never flop and usually impress even the most stoic of stomachs.


In addition to recording their attempts at various dishes, both Admitted Mum and Candidate Chef will be posting reviews of exceptional places out and about which you can perhaps visit yourselves. Wherever they go, you can be sure that at the very least it will be interesting.

Keep watching this space for guest posts from other amateur bakers and chefs who are keen to share their bold ideas for deliciousness.